“I believe everything happens for a reason in it’s own time.”




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Success doesn’t always come wrapped in bows and ribbons, it is often the result of a lot of struggle, pain, and overcoming yourself before you get the bows and ribbons. Gino Fracchiolla knows painfully well what it means to hit rock bottom and climb your way out.

Born in Bari, Italy, Gino grew up in the United States, between New York and Los Angeles. His life took a turn when he got involved in drugs and gangs. This cost him years of sobriety and resulted in almost 10 years of his life being spent behind bars for drug trafficking.

When he got out, Gino began the journey to sobriety and he has been clean for over three years since. Taking charge of his life, he founded his business, Infiniti Marketing Group, which is a public relations and digital media firm catering to his growing clientele.

Gino Fracchiolla is the founder of Infiniti Marketing Group, a full scale, white-glove public relations, marketing, and digital media agency. The company was founded in 2017 and quickly became one of the fastest-growing marketing companies in 2020. With so many companies to choose from, Infiniti stands out from the crowd. They cover all of their client’s needs across the board from press to social media. Gino helps each person he works with to reach their full potential.

Fracchiolla has partnerships with more than 173 organizations in the Los Angeles, Orange Country, and San Diego districts. Gino Marcello is among the business visionaries. He utilizes his broad set of skills via web-based media to guarantee his client’s growth and success. Infiniti is top-rated and helps its clients to build their reputations and brands with consistent upkeep. Gino offers professional services while keeping his costs affordable. Each client is treated fairly and equally no matter their background or profession.

Like Gino, a large number of celebrities he works with have had infractions with the law prior to turning their lives around. He credits the experience he gained from serving time in prison to giving him the skills to grow a business. Fracciolla has clients from all walks of life including rappers and social media influencers to real estate agents. Gino Marcello Fracchiolla sees no limitations for his client’s success and is dedicated to their continuous growth. He knows that one-on-one, personal attention with his clients is the way to do that.

Gino is innovative, he is constantly learning and honing his skills, which has paved the way for his success. He invests all of his energy into growing his business. We asked a client of Gino’s why they chose to work with him. They answered, “Simple. He gets it, he understands what we need before we need it. He has connections everywhere. I adore working with him.”

You can find Gino driving around with his top-down to meet his clients for lunch at a trendy vegan restaurant. Gino loves his clients and treats them with respect regardless of the nature of their work. No matter your profession, Gino wants you to succeed. With plans to venture into the music industry on top of his already booming business, Fracchiolla is definitely someone to watch out for in 2021.

So why hesitate? Get in touch, connect and let’s get your business rolling!