Executive Mastermind Circle


Keeping your sales funnel full of prospects at all times

Reaching the highest level of industry Brand Recognition

With our skillful presentation of your accomplishments and performance history, we skillfully establish you as a leader who stands out in your cutthroat industry.

  • Accurately modified client profile
  • Improved amenity provision
  • Increased recognition of the brand

persistent and purposeful marketing strategies

We carefully select platforms, drawing on our experience in direct marketing, to efficiently reach your target demographic.

  • Prepare for communication with the outside world
  • Choose the most effective services.
  • Expand your reach outside

create content that is focused on achieving measurable results

Together, utilizing our tried-and-true techniques, we will assist you in crafting a message that promotes interaction.

  • A solid brand perception
  • Open and sincere professional approach
  • Dedicated to setting up meetups

developing intelligent pricing, packaging, and offer strategies

Are you having trouble generating leads and sales consistently? The packaging may be the source of the issue. Redefining your positioning is the goal of our DIGITAL WAY LEARNING Initiative, which we’re conducting in partnership with you. This strategy takes care of these problems and gives your company a reliable, regular lead pipeline.

  • Seeking to establish a distinctive market position as the top option.
  • Make a compelling offer that will easily close deals.


We facilitate the easy visibility and engagement of top mentors, advisors, agencies, and B2B service providers with corporate executives, thereby assisting in the completion of fruitful commercial deals.

Why Choose Us

We can relate to your viewpoint because we have been in your shoes! In addition, we have supported some of the top companies in the B2B, professional services, coaching, and consulting sectors throughout the years.

We highly advise using the Executive Mastermind Circle method to establish connections with difficult-to-reach corporate and business leaders, considering your background in business and current position in the market.

For many people, scheduling appointments with your most promising prospects might be difficult. By eliminating the necessity of cold-contacting or getting around gatekeepers, the Executive Mastermind Circle simplifies this procedure. Rather, it sends prospective customers straight to you.

Virtual Executive Mastermind Circles work especially well since they draw in C-Suite executives and position you as an authority on emerging issues facing the sector. Because leaders are eager to investigate ideas and solutions relevant to their roles, these conversations are extremely helpful.

Setting up these leadership meetings around important business issues puts you in a natural advisory role. This gives you the chance to provide value throughout the event by offering your own perspectives and tactics. These Executive Mastermind Circles often result in 25–50% of prospects being scheduled for appointments.

We collaborate with you as your partner to perfect your strategy, messaging, instructional materials, scripts, and offers. This aids in drawing in customers who share your goals for your company.

We recommend doing two online executive mastermind circles with four to ten people every month. You can target higher-end clients and have better conversations with a smaller group, which maximizes the use of your time on each call.

We’ll provide you with guidance prior to your first circle so that you feel comfortable leading these conversations. This increases your credibility and piques prospects’ interest in additional exploration meetings.


Our goal is to have your advertising initiative running and generating quality leads on a regular basis in the next seven to ten days! Usually, we can set up your first Executive Mastermind Circle in four to five weeks.

Copywriting & Setting Up Targets

Before launching the campaign, we will draft a message for your approval following our strategic meeting. In order to guarantee commitments for meetings or participation in Executive Mastermind Circle, our marketing team—which is proficient in business communication via email, SMS, voice calls, and LinkedIn—will manage answers.

Framework and Marketing Configuration

Your account will be assigned to a marketing assistant and an account manager. The manager of accounts will:

  • Limit who has access to your LinkedIn account to messages and actions that have been approved.
  • Install a secure server in adherence to LinkedIn for our marketing staff.
  • Using Monday.com, create a customized Lead Tracking & Reporting board with all the contacts’ information, including, if available, email addresses and phone numbers.

Strategic Discussions for Onboarding

We’ll go deep into the primary issue or query that your ideal prospects are facing during the Strategic Discussions for Onboarding which will take place within 24-48 hours after completing the Onboarding Form. This session’s objectives include:

  • creating a direct, powerful marketing approach
  • enhancing client interest through product improvement.
  • offering advice on how to enhance your social media and internet profile, particularly on LinkedIn.
  • **Note: Design and consulting services are not included in this. For design services, plan creation, process/system development, or training, additional fees can apply.

Filling Out the Onboarding Form

We ask you to complete our onboarding form as soon as you sign up. This is a quick activity that takes around an hour to complete and asks questions to determine the most effective way to draw in your target audience.

Our Bonus Offers

Option A.

  • Commission Due Upon Sales – 20% of the
    contract for the life of the contract.

Option B.

  • Commission Due Upon Sales – 15%, of the
    contract for the life of the contract.

Option C.

  • Commission Due Upon Sales: 10% of the
    contract for the life of the contract.