Infiniti Marketing Has Helped Hundreds Of People Get Verified On IG

Facebook and Instagram verification is becoming popular among public figures, celebrities, and brands. This is because it helps in enhancing social presence. For some people, the blue badge acts as a status symbol. For others, it is an opportunity to improve their brand presence and build confidence with potential clients. Verification is not an easy process, and it is only available for a few brands. Fortunately, that is where we come in.


Small and big organizations alike covet the validation of their businesses. In today’s digital world, you want to improve your authenticity to enhance the credence that clients have in you. On Instagram and Facebook, you can improve your trustworthiness through account verification. The verification check mark helps in improving the validity of an account. Hence, clients will have more faith doing business with a verified account than one that is not verified.

Many fake accounts impersonate brands on social media. Fraudsters use such accounts to dupe unsuspecting customers. With many reports of cons on Instagram and Facebook, people are now becoming cautious in dealing with any business online. That is why you need to get your business verified.

For people working in sensitive sectors such as finance, real estate or healthcare, it is challenging to approach potential clients online without verification. Remember, such sectors involve huge sums of money and demand absolute trust between the seller and buyer. Social media presents an avenue to meet new customers. Yet, it is still tough for companies to conduct any business on Facebook and Instagram without verification.


People have always thought that it is the number of your followers that help you get verification. But you may wonder, why there are accounts with few followers that have verification and others with very many followers but not verified. Social media is a crowd, and you have to stand out in the crowd to get noticed and verified.

On the Instagram and Facebook help pages, you’ll find the requirements to apply for the verification badge. These are your account should be Authentic, Unique, Complete, and Notable. Whereas it is very easy to fulfill the first three, the real challenge lies in the ‘Notable’ aspect. Under this feature, the account should represent a person or brand that is well-known and often searched. As a small or upcoming brand, how will you make your brand unique and notable for verification? How will you grow your brand to enjoy the benefits of Facebook and Instagram verification?


Before you even think of verification, you should first work on enhancing your brand popularity. As a business leader, you must put in a lot of effort to make your brand famous. You have to work on things such as an attractive and detailed UI/UX driven eCommerce website. You must work on your web design and develop an interactive custom site that meets all your clients’ needs. Another strategy to make your brand popular is working on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps improve the quantity of traffic on your website and boosts its visibility to the users of different web search engines.


It can get challenging for a company to refine its online presence on its own. An institution can successfully build its brand offline but fail to develop its online presence, which limits its potential.

For instance, as a realtor or luxury estate firm, you can be very efficient and popular in your locality, but no one knows you online. You can find that no matter how you try to convince potential clients on Facebook and Instagram, you only secure one or two deals if you are lucky enough. The problem is not you since you are an excellent realtor, but the issue lies on your Facebook and Instagram image. To strengthen your online presence and secure verification, you should consider seeking the help of digital media experts like us.


As Infiniti Marketing Group, we help turn your small business into a big brand. We present highly talented professionals in the industry who will help revitalize your brand in the digital world. A business that has a vast presence online will also enjoy a huge audience offline.

With the help of IMG, it will be much easier and convenient to redesign your brand on Facebook and Instagram and acquire the blue verification badge. We guarantee you value for your money as we will help you gain verification. This will help you reach millions of potential customers online, which will increase your revenue. We have helped both small and big brands to secure verification on Facebook and Instagram. These brands include Voyage Real Estate, Pita Pit, and Sotheby’s International Realty, among many others.

Get Verified Today

Acquiring Facebook and Instagram verification is the best way to improve your legitimacy online and develop trust with your clients. Social media presents millions of potential customers, but they cannot rely on you if your accounts are not verified. No worries, we are here to help you boost your brand and get you verified. Contact us today and let us help you get the blue badge.


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