Multi-channel Lead Gen Onboarding
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Best direct daytime contact number
What keywords would exist on your ideal client's profile?
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Where does your ideal prospect live?
Note: We only reach out to 2nd and 3rd tier connections.
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Does your company currently have a LinkedIn business page?
Has your LinkedIn account ever been restricted for any reason in the past?
Are you interested in a 1st degree connection campaign?
I understand and agree that in order to run a campaign, I will need to designate an individual (not business) LinkedIn Account - mine, a sales representative's or another of my choosing.
I agree not to archive messages on LinkedIn. We are not able to detect archived messages with our current system and this may result in double messaging.
Do you have an existing Sales Navigator subscription?
I understand and agree that to run the campaign the account chosen will need an active Sales Navigator subscription, payable to LinkedIn directly and not included in the price quoted for services. I may be eligible for a free trial.
Which days wou

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