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A dedicated Funnel Agency that builds the digital bridge between your business and your customers.

Helping digital businesses, coaches and course creators attract, convert and retain customers using high performance funnels.

What we do
  • Funnel Design & Optimization
  • AD Campaign Design and Management
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Lead Generation Services
  • LinkedIn Lead Funnel With Email
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Automated Sales Funnel

Opt-in Page:

Sometimes referred to as landing page. A page designed to convert users into subscribers with the help of a lead magnet.

Video Sales Page:

Which includes your Video Sales Letter. A video sales letter is a video that pitches your product or service to a prospect.

Dynamic Scheduling Page:

With Calendly embed synced to your personal calendar.

Survey/Questionnaire Page:

We include 4-5 questions on this page that are intended to qualify your prospects, so you don’t waste your time on non-productive sales calls.

Call-Confirmation Page:

With “thanks for scheduling your call” message.

  • The funnel will run on a subdomain or your primary domain.
  • Automated Follow up Sequences include:
    • “You didn’t finish watching the video” email.
    • “You didn’t finish scheduling your call with us” email.
    • “Thanks for scheduling your call” email.
  • Evergreen email campaign designed to schedule call with prospect.
  • Comprehensive reporting on all campaign movements.

LinkedIn Lead Funnel with Email

LinkedIn Campaign

Includes the following campaign sequence:

Profile makeover: We’ll read through your designated profile and edit it to ensure that your profile is fully optimized in advance of views from potential connections.

Profile Banner: We will design a professional profile banner if you don’t already have one. If you do have one, we’ll review and edit if there is room for improvement.

Message Copyrighting and Automation includes the following:

  • Connection Invitation.
  • Profile View and profile follow.
  • Thanks for Connecting Message.

3 Drip messages that serve as nurturing sequence designed to get prospect into the funnel, watch your video sales letter, and schedule a call.

Email Campaign

We use emails gathered from established connections in LinkedIn to further create drip campaigns that continue to nurture prospects through email. We can also import lists and create email sequences and nurturing campaigns for opt-in lists if available.

We purchase a “look alike: domain which is usually a .net or .org version of your primary domain. For example: vs. or We will create the new Gmail account and “warm” the account over a period of 30 days, starting with 1 email working up to 40 sends and replies by then end of the warming cycle.

AD Campaign Design & Management

Our Graphic designer will design 15-18 ad sizes which include both dynamic and static ads. Different sizes are required to accommodate different screen display sizes.

Ad campaigns include but are not limited to Adroll, Facebook and Google.

Tracking Pixels will be installed on both your primary website and on the funnel pages.

As traffic increases, we “follow” prospects around to stay in front of them. This, in tandem with other nurturing sequences keeps your brand and service on the front of the prospect’s mind during the buyer’s journey.

The minimum budget for ad spend is $20 per day or $600 per month. As you start to see scheduled calls and conversions, you can decide to increase the ad spend based on desired outcome and ROI forecast.

Video Sales Letter:

 We will write and produce a five-to-seven-minute video sales letter that covers the challenges faced by potential clients in your industry, and the features, benefits, and solutions that your company provides to resolve those challenges.

We can provide the voice over or provide direction and coaching on how to record the VSL yourself or assist in procuring additional voice over talent.