The consumers of today – perhaps rightly so – have developed trust issues. They’re wise to marketing tactics, having become immune to the majority of digital advertisements. Rather than swooning over the latest persuasive popup, they’re looking to friends, social media influencers, and online review sites when considering a purchase.

And really, can you blame them?

Have you ever hopped online seeking out the next best ad? Probably not.

Instead, you and other consumers are looking for ways to solve a problem, explore the world around you, and make more meaningful connections.

At your very core, you know that to really connect with your audience, you need to do so on a deep, emotional level. That’s where branding is your best friend.

Branding is the way you artistically represent your company, products, and/or services to the buying public. And, just like art, brands have power. They appeal to consumers on an emotional level, driving their purchasing behaviors.


If you regard your branding as a form of art, and do so consistently, you’ll seduce the emotions of the buying public and influence their buying behavior. Here are a few ways you can “brand” your brand into the minds – and hearts – of your audience:


Just like art, brands have a few visual elements that are fundamental – colors, fonts, design elements, photos, and video content. Beyond the visual, there are implied elements that are less tangible, such as ideas, mood, and tone. Perfectly packaged, these elements make – or break – your brand. Ultimately, it’s imperative to decide upon and stick to the standards of your brand.


When you write your brand’s “story”, your immediate first priority is to establish your company as an industry thought leader. When consumers imagine the types of products or services you sell, they should automatically consider your site as the topical destination for all related information.

Think of outstanding brands you already know – Travel & Leisure, for instance. It’s in their name! Everything from budget to luxury travel, as well as how to choose the right suitcase and tips for solo travelers can be found on the pages of their website. It’s this specific, yet all-encompassing, content that earns Travel & Leisure credibility, trust, and ultimately loyalty from their visitors.

But – how do you do that?

By writing content and creating visuals that speak to your readers’ goals and desires. Ecommerce web development solutions can help you with everything from content development and proper SEO practices to web design and digital marketing.


Do you remember when the Coca-Cola Company infamously changed their recipe? New Coke was meant to capture a new generation of cola lovers, but it backfired on the company in a huge way. While some change is necessary over the years, such as a logo facelift, drastic changes to a product or service that people have come to know and love can have widespread, and sometimes very negative, effects. Think of it this way: if your company has a strong, loyal audience, you’re probably doing something right. Unless there’s a critical flaw in your product or service, make slight alterations as needed, but always remain consistent.


To truly and artfully design a brand with staying power, your storytelling should be inspirational. The trick is to be engaging – to get your “jingle” stuck in the heads of your audience.

But above all else, it should also be authentic. Be genuine. Be truly invested more in how you help people solve problems than in how much you’re selling. Create something you’d want to devour. Sales will naturally follow.

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